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"Working with sales teams and business owners, collaborating with the community, and coaching up managers was the most fulfilling aspect of my forty years in media sales. As the owner of Drake Media Group, I offer advisory services and open support on revenue management through writing and content distribution." 

Revenue Management

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Why Revenue Management?

It's the collaboration of all sales and marketing entities working towards customer development and top-line growth. 

A thriving sales organization requires everyone to be open to new strategies, re-examine how they deliver customer value, and be determined to grow revenues. Sellers and managers with a shared vision on a path of self-improvement lead to better chances for success.

Reputation Remarks

Cumulus Media - Dallas / Fort Worth - 2006-2021

"I cannot begin to thank Alec Drake enough for his huge contributions to our organization over the last 15 years. He has been an incredible leader – especially through the COVID pandemic. Keeping Cumulus Dallas as the company’s top revenue market has always been our goal, and Alec pushed the limits every day to ensure we kept that position. Thank you, Alec, from our entire team.”

Dan Bennett, Regional Vice President for Cumulus Media in Dallas and Houston

Radio Wayne Finalist - Radio Ink Magazine in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

“The talent and dedication represented by these Radio Wayne finalists are qualities in which the radio industry can take great pride. Every one of them demonstrates professional excellence and deserves our admiration and respect for making radio an important product mover that touches the lives and livelihoods of communities and businesses across the country,”

Deborah Parenti, Publisher of Radio Ink

Maxagrid International Inc. 1995-2002

“Alec was a tremendous contributor to our business growth and operational success. Starting in 1987 as a Maxagrid client, then joining us in 1995 as our VP of Sales and subsequently as our General Manager, we shared many successes. Alec was key to supporting our Radio and TV clients worldwide.”

Jim Tiller - Co-Founder and President of Maxagrid International Inc., a broadcast yield and revenue management consulting company 1986-2006

Content Platforms

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 Drake's Sales Improvement
A collection of my most popular articles hosted on the Medium platform. I write on revenue management, sales training tips, and insights for self-improvement. My list tab on Medium helps you easily see articles of interest. Sign up for alerts of my new pieces and have them delivered directly to your inbox.

To invigorate is to fill with energy and refreshment. The Radio Invigoration Project on LinkedIn highlights sales success stories, self-improvement topics, inspirational messaging, and curated content to benefit media sellers and managers. 

The Sales T.R.I.P.
My monthly newsletter highlights top posts from the T.R.I.P. group, self-improvement tips, prospect category updates, insights on the future from media experts, and exclusive articles to support your growth in sales.