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Alec Drake Headshot 2021

My Mission and Purpose

"Throughout my career in media, I've had the pleasure of coaching and developing radio sales teams, working with businesses on marketing strategies, and collaborating on revenue-driven programs.

My background in management and consulting roles for broadcasters worldwide provided experiences that taught me the importance of a shared vision and value and the benefit of continuous improvement, also known as Kaizen.

As President of Drake Media Group, I remain committed to supporting sales organizations by sharing insightful content on revenue management, leadership strategies, and sales performance. 

Alec Drake

Support for sales and management professionals includes the following:

 Over 75+ articles have been published on Sales & Revenue Management 
 *  A contributor since 2021 to Radio Ink magazine and
 *  A regular writer on Management Matters at
 Founder of T.R.I.P. - The Radio Invigoration Project - Launched in January of 2023
 Publisher of The Sales TRIP monthly newsletter - Launched in April of 2023